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History of Our Group

    It started 25 years ago with the study of Canarian endemic plants belonging to different physiological groups (C3, C4, and CAM) in relation to the environment. It also is involved in projects with plants of economical interest such as ornamentals and forages. During the last 10 years its studies have been focused mainly on the Canarian forests, where measurements of microclimate, photosynthesis, water balance, growth and responses to the stress have been done in laurel forest trees, and canary pine trees (see projects)

Great experience in gas exchange measurements and chlorophyll fluorescence determinations, sap flow, water potential, pigments in natural conditions and greenhouse. The study of microclimate and behaviour of the plants in relation to meteorological conditions is the general topic.

It receives students from different countries for doing their diploma study and/or learn different techniques, mainly from Latin-America through the program Intercampus.



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